Our MajorExecuted projects:

S. No Client Project End - User Job Description Quality
1 M/s. Hot Engineering & Construction Um Al Aish KOTC LPG New Filling Plant

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company Embedded Steel Checkered Plate Covers 25 Tons
2 L & T Engineering & Construction Co. Replacement of Stripper-658


Heavy Steel Structure

Hand rail / Ladders with sandblasting & Painting
3 L & T Engineering & Construction Co. Effuelent Water Injection Plant

KOC Sandblasting & Painting 1LOT
4 Sam Steel Sewage Tunnel Work

MPW Shutter for Tunnel 2 Sets
5 Millennium Co. / Al-Ghanim International Avenue Phase-3

Avenue Owner Slab & Infill Beams 215 Tons
6 SOL Group Boubyan
Kuwait Gov.

Structure Steel
Septic Tanks
Pipe Sleeves etc.

Fuel Tank 20 & 32 cubic Meter

30 Tons

5 Nos.
7 Jassim Transport Shuwaikh Port Shuwaikh Port
Loading Ramp

15 Tons
8 Al-Sanea Chemical Al-Sanea Chemical Expansion Project

Same Chemical Tanks
Stainless Steel with
Piping  etc.
1 Nos
9 Al-Kout Industrial Projects Replacement of Tank

Same Salt Saturator Tank 1 Nos
10 SK Engineering &
BS132 KOC Machining of Flanges 800 Nos.
11 SayedHameed Behbehani & Sons Subiah Power Plant

MEW Structure Works 80 Tons
12 Prime One Ali Al Salim Air Base

MOD 50 ft mono poll 8 Nos
13 Prime One   IRAQ Staircase 32 Nos.
14 Chemikuwait for Chemical Industries Shutdown Same Road Chemical Stainless Steel Tankers
Plant Piping Works Maintenance

2 Nos.


8” Line

1 Lot

Refreshment Trading Co.

Expansion Coca-Cola Stainless Steel Food
grade Piping etc.

From 1” to 4”
16 M/s. Consolidated
Contracting Co.
MEW Platform
Lover/Stair etc.

100 Tons
17 M/s. United Beverage Co. - Pepsi Cola Stainless Steel Tank 1 Nos
18 M/s. Khalid Al Kharafi LPG

KNPC Stair & Handrail 45 Tons
19 National Canned Food Co.     Insulated SS Tank 1 Nos.
20 Al-Rowdattain Water
Bottling Co.
    SS Water Tank 60,000 Liters

1 Nos.
21 Al-Seedawi Sweet Factory     SS Tank 1 Nos.
22 Alico KISR & WAFRA   Stainless Steel Pipes Spool 1job

Our Specialization
Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation
Precision Steel Fabrication & Assembly Works
Fabrication of Tanks and Storage Vessels
Piping Fabrication & Installation
Design and build for all steel / stainless steel products
Plasma Cutting and Bending